Services for Exhibitors

ExpoForum International offers a wide range of high-quality services designed to help exhibitors get the most out of participating in conventions, exhibitions and trade fairs:

  • design, planning and construction of exhibition stands and displays
  • multimedia presentation equipment hire
  • furniture rental
  • technical services (utilities and network connection services)
  • placement of advertisements and advertising hoardings inside and outside pavilions
  • catering services
  • tourist services in St Petersburg
  • transport and forwarding services, customs documentation, loading/unloading

The professional approach of the service teams at the EXPOFORUM convention and exhibition centre ensures that exhibitors can operate effectively and enjoy their experience at the venue.

The full list of services for exhibitors may be found on the official event websites.

Lease and services of EF-International, LLC rendered during the exhibitions and other events within the territory of EXPOFORUM International Convention and Exhibition Centre