• SPIGF To Show a Way To Technological Independence of Russia

    Breakthrough solutions that set up trends and implement a strategic goal of the Russian economy, advanced import substitution will be presented at Import Replacement in the Gas Industry, a corporate exposition in the framework of the 11th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum which will take place on September 13-16 in the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre in St. Petersburg.

    At some point, SPIGF became a pioneer in import substitution, and it is still a driver of its development. This topic will be cross cutting for the entire Forum, and a special emphasis will be made on it in the framework of the corporate exposition. The main goal is to show a way to technological independency of the country through demonstration of high-tech competitively viable Russian equipment.

    A collective exposition Modern National Technologies in the Gas Industry will demonstrate a set of equipment and technologies used for gas recovery, transportation, distribution, underground storage and processing. The theme of the exposition will encompasses the main fields of the oil and gas industry: from hydrocarbon extraction to gas distribution.

    The topic of import substitution will run like a golden thread through all the events of the Business Program at SPIGF 2022 to be a key one at the discussion of all the crucial issues of the industry such as deep conversion, additional gasification of Russian regions, Arctic development and development of the continental shelf and many others.

    OMR 2022, the International Exhibition and Conference for Shipbuilding and Equipment and Technologies for Development of the Arctic and Continental Shelf, which is integrated into SPIGF this year, will be dedicated to the Arctic agenda as well.

    The novelties presented at the Forum include the world’s first controllable explosion-proof luminaires, a developmental prototype of the software and hardware package of the remote control system for industrial safety of hazardous production facilities, a hardware and software suite of the industrial Internet of Things, a KG-03 vehicle with an increased gas motor fuel reserve with an option to transfer the fuel to other vehicles (GTM), innovative equipment for well completion and other technologies that don’t have analogues in the world.

    Gazprom, KAMAZ, Gazprom Gas-Engine Fuel, Severstal, Gazprom LNG Technologies, Vega-GAZ, Gazprom Energy Holding, RariTEK, Gazprom Mezhregiongaz, INTRA Service Company, Gazenergokomplekt and other companies and organizations.

    Gazprom will serve as a general partner of SPIGF 2022, Pipe Metallurgy Company — as a general sponsor.

    Partners of SPIGF 2022 are Zagorsky Pipe Plant, Gazprombank JSC, JSB Rossiya, Almaz-Antey Aaerospace Defense Concern, HMS Group, Comita Group of Companies, Salavat Catalyst Plant, United Metallurgical Company, Gazprom Bureniye, SibBurMash, Gazprom GNP Holding, UEC, RUMO Plant, Technotecs, EKM Holding, GazTechExpert, Northern Technologies, Kosmos-Neft-Gaz.

    Representatives of 22 foreign countries are expected at the Forum. The SPIGF-2022 business program is based on nineteen thematic tracks. The program comprising 80 events will cover all areas of the industry: from geological exploration and gas recovery to transportation, consumption and processing.

    The partner of SPIGF 2022 is Kyrgyzstan. Business dialogs Russia-Kazakhstan and Russia-Africa will take place on the venue of the Forum in terms of the prospects for interaction development.

    In the framework of the cultural program of the Forum, a Billiard Tournament for executives and top managers of oil companies will be held for the winner to get the Cup of the President of the Russian Gas Society, and Folks of Russia: Porcelain Faces, the exhibition of Imperial Porcelain Factory sculptures will be held. Also, an autograph signing session with participation of a football star from the Zenit club will be arranged. On September 15, participants of SPIGF 2022 will traditionally meet at the official reception.

    Future leaders of the industry and leading experts of oil and gas companies will meet in the framework of the Youth Day as per tradition. The finish of Gas for Engines 2022, a motor rally for gas-engine vehicles featuring KAMAZ-5490 NEO tow cars with LNG engines will become a dramatic event of the Forum.

    See details and a schedule of business events of the Forum on the official website of SPIGF.

  • Almost One Hundred Gold Medals of Ministry of Agriculture Given at AGRORUS

    On September 3, the winners of the Gold Medal competition held under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF in the framework of the 31st International Agroindustrial Exhibition and Trade Fair AGRORUS 2022 in the EXPOFORUM were revealed.

    55 companies from Russian regions, the former Soviet Union (Belarus) and far-abroad countries (the Netherlands) took part. Awards were presented in 6 nominations:

    For manufacturing of high quality food products
    For achievement of strong performance in development of livestock and commercial breeding
    For achievement of high results in development of AgroEcoTourism (rural tourism)
    For manufacturing of highly efficient agricultural machinery and introduction of advanced resource saving technologies
    For achievement of strong performance in growing plant production
    For achievements in the field of innovations in AIC: for achievements in the field of agricultural science

    Alexander Varenov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Agriculturaland Fishery Complexes of the Leningrad Region, spoke on the official ceremony to congratulate the winners.

    “Both regular participants and new names have competed. It proves that the contest lives and thrives. The Gold Medal has proved one more time that all the best have gathered here,” Varenov said.

    Vitaly Morozov, Rector of the St. Petersburg State Agrarian University, also congratulated the participants. His academic establishment became a total triumpher by the number of medals. The Agrarian University received 6 of them (4 gold and 2 silver medals). A record number of gold medals (5 of them) was won by the Kuban State Agrarian University named after I.T. Trubilin.

    In total, 99 gold medals and 16 silver ones were received by their owners. It’s nice that despite a highly charged political environment, a company from the Netherlands became one of winners.

    10 permanent winners and regular participants of the Gold Medal competition received Grand Prix, a special prize of the AGRORUS Exhibition.

    On September 3, the 31st International Agroindustrial Exhibition and Trade Fair AGRORUS 2022 comes to an end. However, receipt of an applications for the Gold Medal 2023 Competition starts so soon. See all the details on the official website.

  • Can You Find the Animal World’s Champion of Camouflage at the Zooshow?

    Zooshow is not just an exhibition of animals, but an enormous festival with many activities, contests, prizes, incredible events. And the main thing is that a whole zoo of animals has been arranged.

    For greater convenience everything is divided into areas: dogs — on the left, cats — on the right, and so on. Cute fluffy rabbits make one want to get a new pet. Young (and not so young) explorers of nature are invited to an educational zone with reptiles where one can find some exotic species as well (plantain eaters, geckos, snakes, scorpions and many others). Also, it’s where animal world’s champions of camouflage, stick insects, have come to reside. Try to find them! You’ll definitely need a few tries!

    The main schtick of this year’s Zooshow is an area with trick ferrets. Representatives of the Angelico Suerte breeding station know everything about these animals and share their knowledge gladly. The visitors are thrilled with an opportunity to help ferrets race an improvised obstacle course.

    The stands of the main ring are traditionally full. You bet! It’s where a favorite contest of all guests — dances with dogs — takes place. Other rings can also offer exciting dog competitions. Still, the medals are not for dogs only. What do you think about a contest of rope walking rats or rat jumping? It’s a must see!

    An impressive show program with contest games, quizzes and valuable prizes is presented to children and adults on the large stage.


    If you want not to have fun only, but also to get new knowledge, the Zooshow invites you to entertaining lectures where you’ll be told how to take care of chinchillas and rabbits and many other things.

    And, of course, one can always go home with a new favorite pet. A new friend can be found at the Way Home shelter festival. All animals have all the required health certificates and vaccination records.

    We are waiting for you and your pets at our Zooshow on September 3-4 in Pavilion H of the EXPOFORUM. There are free shuttle buses from the Moskovskaya metro station and a large parking lot for car owners. See all the details on the official website. Tickets can be purchased here.

  • agrorus-2022-1400-meetings-single-day-business-contact-centre

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    Suppliers presented various farm products (new food products and drinks), as well as services, top IT solutions for stores and restaurants, non-food products. 

    Along with negotiations, participants of the presentation area conducted tasting sessions to demonstrate benefits of their products to the guests of the Business Contact Centre (BCC).

    On behalf of purchasers, category managers of various areas, commercial directors, directors for development, administrators and chefs of restaurants were present. 



    Such retail groups as X5 Group, Magnit, Auchan, Metro Cash&Carry, Azbuka Vkusa, Perekrestok, Real, Vkusvill, Vkuster, Svetofor, Dobrotsen, Kak Syr V Masle, RZD, Wine Bar & Market Pulkovo, Eto U Nas Semeinoye, Kolkhoz, Rainblade (distribution of Tatneft Filling Stations), Retail Navigator, Rybka & Ikorka, Repinsky Supermarket, Zhivi Naturalno, Fasol, Karavai, Yandex.Lavka, Meteor Group, Fine Gastronomy and others took part in the work of BCC among purchasers. 

    The HoReCa segment of purchasers was represented with the following companies: Big Restaurant Chin, Ginza Project, Tokyo City, Dostaевский, Bahroma, Villa Verde, Crystal, Igora Drive, Tseh 85, Saint-Petersburg Hotel, Culinaryon, Stroganoff Group, Grace Frigate, Koza Group, British Bakery, Etazh 41, Mama Roma, Dom Kofe, Phali-Hinkali, Pirogovy Dvorik, Vvedensky Hotel, Probka Restaurant Group, Restorating.ru and others.

    More than 1,400 meetings took place in a single day. 

    In a framework of a reference visit the BBC venue was visited by representatives of consulate generals of friendly countries, particularly, Ms. Rashema Arora, Consul of the Consulate General of India in St. Petersburg.

    Svetlana Ignatova, Sales Manager of Green Salad:

    “We’ve participated several times. For the first time we took part in BCC in 2020 which resulted in contracts with three companies we are still partners with. This year we have wanted to expand our contact base, so we participate in BCC again! The venue allows us arranging personal meetings not with new participants only, but also with those we already have business relations with. Today we have agreed upon expansion of the procurement assortment with a long-standing partner of ours.”

    Natalia Shchenikova, Director of the Category Management Department of the Northwestern District, Magnit retail chain:

    “Magnit works with more than 5,000 suppliers, the absolute majority of which are the Russian ones. Under current conditions, an opportunity to provide the population with domestically made goods becomes an matter of food security, so our focus is on the work with import substitution and on the search of new Russian partners. Our customers prefer local products, so we actively develop this focus area expanding this assortment and the geography of supplies. A venue of the AGRORUS Exhibition is a good opportunity to get to know new local manufacturers of agricultural products of the Northwestern District and to establish some contacts.” Last year Magnit presented a special simplified contract for farmers. It is designed for small manufacturers that find it difficult to meet the requirements established for chains and large businesses.

    Anna Ogneva, a Category manager of Dobrotsen:

    “There’s a strong list of participants, both among purchasers and among suppliers. A traditionally good level of organization and, undoubtedly, a convenient and productive format. BCC is a great venue for efficient business meetings!”

    Want to participate next year? Book a place at negotiations now already! 

    Learn more on https://agrorus.expoforum.ru/ru/cdk/



  • Myths Must Be Dispelled: A Call to Allow GMO Made at AGRORUS

    At the plenary session Modern Approaches to Agriculture Development in Russia in the framework of the 31st International Agroindustrial Exhibition and Trade Fair AGRORUS 2022 held in the EXPOFORUM, unique development projects in the field of AIC and achievements of agrarians of the Leningrad Region were shared.

    The plenary session was opened by Oleg Malashchenko, a Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region — a Chairman of the Committee for Agricultural and Fishery Complexes.

    “The Leningrad Region produces up to 50% of tea and coffee in Russia. It ranks first in Russia by the amount of eggs produced. Last year, that indicator approached 3.5 bln. pcs, and in the future we plan to reach the amount of 5 billions. The region leads by milk yield, and we plan to consolidate this leadership by increasing the amount of milk products by 5% after putting a new stock breeding complex — the largest one in the Northwest — into commission in the end of the year. The sum allocated for support of the AIC of the Leningrad Region has exceeded 7 bln. rubles. Agriculture is a driver of the economic growth. The more we invest in it, the more profit for the budget we get,” Malashchenko said.

    Boris Efremov, a Deputy Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, spoke on development of agriculture in his region. According to him, in previous years, agroindustrial enterprises of the Vitebsk Region operated upon the scheme when the manufactured products were delivered to the domestic market, to Russia, the EU and China in equal shares. Now though, there is a change of focus in order to ensure food security of the region and the country in general, while active cooperation with Russia continues.

    Oleg Radin, President of the Soyuzkrakhmal Association, told about advanced grain processing in Russia and noted that the country still obviously lacks domestic manufacturing of amino acids and other critical elements of the food industry. Not to depend on import in this regard, it’s necessary to increase the volumes, to conduct scientific researches and to develop the country’s own technologies.

    Andrey Ronzhin, Doctor of Engineering, professor of RAS, Director of the St. Petersburg Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, announced the latest development projects in the field of agriculture. For example, the Center already makes robots that can identify rodents’ holes in the field with neural networks and put poison there as well as send special drones with diffusors that identify a required amount of fertilizers for a certain piece of the field automatically.

    Philipp Gannibal, PhD in Biology, Director of the All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection, made a suggestion to allow using genetically modified cultures in Russia.

    “It’s time to lift the ban from GMOs on the legislative level. At least partially, for example, for plants that are not used in the food industry. It enabled rapid growth and development of agriculture. A propaganda needs to be carried on and myths about GMO need to be dispelled. It’s absolutely safe. GMO allows managing without any chemicals,” Gannibal said.

    The plenary session was finished with a speech of Vitaly Morozov, a Rector of the St. Petersburg State Agrarian University. He told about educational programs implemented in the University and noted that freshmen of SPbSAU made the right choice, since many of the alumni had become successful figures in the field of agriculture or held key positions in government agencies, including, for instance, Alexander Drozdenko, the Governor of the Leningrad Region.

    The 31st International Agroindustrial Exhibition and Trade Fair AGRORUS 2022 takes place in the EXPOFORUM from August 31 to September 3, from 10:00 to 19:00. There are free shuttle buses from the Moskovskaya metro station and a large parking lot for car owners. Admission to the exhibition is allowed for visitors with a preliminary registration only. See all the details on the official website.

  • Russia — Good News To Be

    Online broadcasting of the opening of the AGRORUS Exhibition by St. Petersburg Peterburgsky Dnevnik.

    On August 31, a joint project of ExpoForum International and Peterburgsky Dnevnik was launched.

    Online studio Russia — Good News To Be works at the International Agroindustrial Exhibition and Trade Fair AGRORUS 2022. The program includes live broadcasting of the opening of the exhibition, interviews with key speakers and experts.

  • Interesting Novelties, A Famous Contest and Important Agreements — at AGRORUS

    AGRORUS 2022, the largest agricultural exhibition in the Northwest started working on August 31 in the EXPOFORUM. More than 100 exhibitors from 25 regions of Russia will take part in it.

    The business program of the exhibition includes three key tracks — import substitution, digitalization and modern trends of development of vocation education. These and many other topics will be discussed in the framework of the plenary session Modern Approaches to Agriculture Development in Russia with participation of Oleg Malashchenko, a Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region — a Chairman of the Committee for Agricultural and Fishery Complexes.

    Alexander Drozdenko, a Governor of the Leningrad Region, will take part in the official opening ceremony that will start at 14:30 on the stage of Pavilion G. All areas of the Leningrad Region will present their expositions at stands of the thematic zone.

    Sobol NN, a new generation car, will be demonstrated by GAZ, and Prioritetnaya Tekhnika LLC will show a multipurpose trailer at the exhibition. A novelty by Phosagro is expected as well. One of the largest manufacturers of phosphatic fertilizers will demonstrate phosphogypsum, an ameliorant for agriculture.

    The Business Contact Centre will open its doors on August 31. Direct negotiations of manufacturers and purchasers — representatives of leading trade and restaurant chains (Auchan, O’kay, Magnit, Mama Roma and many others) will take place within its framework. For the first time ever, the suppliers will get a chance to present the samples of their products in the Gallery of Taste. Also, consuls of India and Hungary in St. Petersburg will participate in the work of the Centre.

    On September 1, a Freshman’s Day of the St. Petersburg Agrarian University (SPbSAU) will take place. Newbies of the Agrarian University will get their student IDs and keys of knowledge. Also, free ice cream and a disco are waiting for them.

    On September 2, the Day of the Leningrad Region and the City Gardener Day will be celebrated.

    On September 3, the awarding ceremony for winners of the Gold Medal competition held under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF will be conducted to reveal the best AIC manufacturers.

    See the entire business program and all the details on the official website of the exhibition.

    We are waiting for you from August 31 to September 3 in the EXPOFORUM!

    There are free shuttle buses from the Moskovskaya metro station and a large parking lot for car owners.