• “Nevsky Larets”: The Exceptional Blending of Modernity and Traditions.

    The annual Exhibition of Folk Arts and Crafts “Nevsky Larets” (Neva Casket), which took place at Expo-Forum, obviously demonstrated the continuity of modern products of exclusive production and ancient craft traditions.

  • Russia and Germany: Technological Partnership in shipbuilding

    The online conference on “Russia and Germany: technological partnership in the field of shipbuilding” was hold on February, 1st. The event was organized by The Russian-German Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with NEVA-International LLC with the support of the Department of Shipyard and Offshore Equipment of the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA). The invited experts have highlighted various aspects of interaction between the representatives of the maritime industry of Russia and Germany, and also outlined the way to further strengthen business ties.

  • Is Owner Always to Blame?

    On November 10 the online conference “Increasing Awareness of Residents as a Factor of Cost Saving for Management Companies” took place. The event was organized in the framework of the Business Program of Forum “Municipal Housing Complex of Russia”.

  • Results of first AutoBloggerShow

    First AutoBloggerShow held on November 7–8, 2020, in Saint Petersburg has come to an end. The show was organized by RK Media, EXPOFORUM International, the Transregional Contact Center and Velgutsgarage.

  • Sustainable Cities – New Quality of Life

    On November 6, the online conference “Sustainable Architecture. Green Construction” took place in the framework of the 20th International Forum Ecology of Big City (March 23–25, 2021).

  • Is There Never Too Much of a Good Pet?

    According to many owners, their four legged friends should be sturdy and plump, since ball-shaped animals look pretty funny and cute. However, veterinarians are convinced that obesity of cats and dogs is a disease that needs to be avoided.

  • 3 Days to Make a Dream Come True

    On October 30 – November 1 the Real Estate Fair took place in Pavilion G GAZPROMBANK of the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center. The “here and now” format and professionalism of the event helped guests make their dreams about real estate come true.