• Industrialists choose corrosion protection

    The ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre on 3 October opened the 20th International Exhibition and Convention “Corrosion Protection 2017.” The experts will discuss safety and reliability technologies at industrial facilities and will display anti-corrosion protection equipment and materials.

  • The Innovation forum and Russian Industrialist began in Expoforum

    The ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre on 20 September opened the 21st International Forum “Russian Industrialist” and 10th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.

  • Professional forum “Film Expo” opened in St. Petersburg

    On 19 September, the 19th International Forum and Exhibition “Film Expo” and the exhibition Content Expo opened in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre. These are annual events included in the triad of the largest-scale global conventions of film-providing and are important events for the film industry of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

  • The RF minister for transportation Maksim Sokolov opened the exhibition “NEVA” in Expoforum

    On 19 September, in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre the 14th International Exhibition and Conference on civil shipbuilding, shipping, activity of ports and development of the ocean and shelf “NEVA-2017” opened.

  • Objects of interior and décor are presented in Expoforum

    On 12 September the 5th International Exhibition of Design & Décor St. Petersburg opened. Visitors can become acquainted with trendy collections of objects and materials for the interior and attend a business programme.

  • Expoforum holds the “Continents cup” dance on wheels

    On 8-10 September, the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre will host the International “Continents Cup” dance on wheels tournament and the All-Russian dance on wheels competitions. There will be 126 athletes participating from 12 regions of Russia and 48 athletes from 11 world countries.

  • The promotional event “I choose sports!” assembled thousands of St. Petersburg citizens

    On 9-10 September in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, the 12th Public Promotional Event “I Choose Sports!” will take place. It is a holiday of sports, active rest and healthy lifestyle.